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NEW engram lootbox added to GOLDEN LOOTBOX. Unlock a tek engram!

NEW Blueprint lootbox added to PLATINUM LOOTBOX.

Check out our lootboxes for ASA!! Brand new! be sure to enter your EOS ID!

Your purchases here last longer than any other server where most die within a week!

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We are the LONGEST and LARGEST LASTING ark server. What does that mean? It means that given our very large population, we still last the longest then ANY other ark server!!

Welcome to our INSTANT DELIVERY-automated system.


Everything in the shop is available to get naturally while playing in game. Nothing in the Loot Shop is not easily farmable, tameable or in loot drops in game.

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Wipes usually occur every 1-4 MONTHS for ASE ARK so please keep that in mind prior to purchasing.

*Points and lootboxes may expire due to database issues, corruption, Wildcard updates/expansions or improvements. 

Shop is for Steam players only.

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Featured Package
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